Interface StateModel

All Known Subinterfaces:
ButtonStateModel, CheckBoxGroupStateModel, CheckboxStateModel, ComboBoxStateModel, CrumbsStateModel, FormStateModel, FrameStateModel, GaugeStateModel, HeadlineStateModel, InfoStateModel, ListStateModel, MenuButtonStateModel, MenuStateModel, MessageStateModel, MultiLevelSelectStateModel, PanelStateModel, RadioGroupStateModel, RadioStateModel, RatingStateModel, RecurrencePatternStateModel, SchedulerStateModel, SelectStateModel, SwapSelectStateModel, TabsetStateModel, TextareaStateModel, TextListStateModel, TextStateModel, TreelistStateModel, TreeStateModel, TreeSwapSelectStateModel
All Known Implementing Classes:
ButtonControl, CheckboxControl, CheckboxGroupControl, ComboBoxControl, CrumbsControl, CrumbsStateModelImp, FormControl, FrameControl, FrameStateModelImp, GaugeControl, HeadlineControl, InfoControl, ListStateModelImp, MenuButtonControl, MenuControl, MessageControl, MultiLevelSelectControl, PanelControl, RadioControl, RadioGroupControl, RatingControl, RatingStateModelImp, RecurrencePatternControl, SchedulerControl, SchedulerStateModelImp, SelectControl, SimpleListControl, SwapSelectControl, TabbarControl, TabsetStateModelImp, TextareaControl, TextControl, TextListControl, TextPopupControl, TreeControl, TreelistControl, TreelistStateModelImp, TreeStateModelImp, TreeSwapSelectControl

public interface StateModel

Interface for all Statemodels
A state model holds the state information of a control. A control can save its own state across server round trips, so that the scrolling mechanism of a list, for example, or the explosion and folding of a tree structure do not have to be implemented independently. Rather, the state is managed by the control element itself.

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Harald Schulz

Field Summary
static java.lang.String PROP_CONTROL
          State property for the control name
Method Summary
 void reset()
          Resets the actual state of a control to the initial state
 void synchronizeState(PropertyMap properties)
          This method applies the given state properties to the controls state model

Field Detail


public static final java.lang.String PROP_CONTROL
State property for the control name

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Method Detail


public void synchronizeState(PropertyMap properties)
                      throws java.lang.Exception
This method applies the given state properties to the controls state model

properties - State properties
java.lang.Exception - is thrown when an error occurs during execution


public void reset()
Resets the actual state of a control to the initial state

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