Deprecated API

Deprecated Classes

Deprecated Interfaces
          Use DefHtmlClass 

Deprecated Fields
          use TABBAR_DIS_BG
          use TABBAR_NONE_DIS
          use TABBAR_DIS_NONE
          use TABBAR_SEL_BG
          use TABBAR_NONE_SEL
          use TABBAR_SEL_NONE
          use TABBAR_UNSEL_BG
          use TABBAR_NONE_UNSEL
          use TABBAR_UNSEL_NONE
          use TABSET_DIS_BG
          use TABSET_NONE_DIS
          use TABSET_DIS_NONE
          use TABSET_SEL_BG
          use TABSET_NONE_SEL
          use TABSET_SEL_NONE
          use TABSET_UNSEL_BG
          use TABSET_NONE_UNSEL
          use TABSET_UNSEL_NONE 

Deprecated Methods
          use getCheckRange()
          use getCheckRange()
          use getCheckRange()
          use method iterator()
          the CellPainterContext implements now the PainterContext interface so this method is not required any longer. Just use CellPainterContext directly.
          use session()
          use request()
          use response()
          use response()
          use session()
          use session(), ColumnDesignModel, LineIterator)
          use getTooltip(CellPainterContext) instead
          use constructor to create a new instance
          use construtor to create a new instance
          use constructor to create a new instance, ColumnDesignModel, LineIterator)
          use isEditable(CellPainterContext) instead, PainterContext, ColumnDesignModel, LineIterator)
          please use or overwrite paintCell(TD, CellPainterContext), PainterContext, ColumnDesignModel)
          please use or overwrite paintHeader(TD, CellPainterContext), FormElement)
          use paintMessageIndicator method instead, String)
          use setCheckRange()
          use setCheckRange()
          use setCheckRange()
          use setButtonPermission(ControlButton.CREATE, permission)
          use setImage(ImageModel) instead, int, int)
          use setImage(ImageModel) instead
          use setButtonPermission(ControlButton.REFRESH, permission)
          use showButton(ControlButton.CREATE, principal)
          use showButton(ControlButton.REFRESH, principal)
          please use intValue() instead 

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