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» Configuration examples TabSetControl

Examples: 1 | 2 | 3

Configuration example 1

(Figure minimized)


  • TabSetControl with 6 tabs, of which 6 visible.
  • The individual tabs are included as separate JSP pages.
  • The third tab was disabled and cannot be selected.
  • The attributes runat="server" states that with a click on a tab, a server roundtrip for building the next tab should be carried out.
  • Using an ImageMap, an optional image can be displayed on a tab.

<util:imagemap name="im_tabs">

<html:form action="/sample401/tabsetBrowse" method="post">


        title="Movies & DvDs"

        title="Musik CDs"
        tooltip="Disabled Tab"

        title="Nested TabSet"
        tooltip="Demo of a nested TabSet"/>

        title="Simple SVG-Graphic"

        title="My Account"
        tooltip="My Account"



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