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» Licensing FAQ

How many developer licenses do I need?
A license is per developer. For each developer who will be developing using the Common Controls you need a seperat licensed product.
For this purpose we offer a single, 5 user or site license.

The licenses are for development only. If you later want to deploy or sell your application you need only one additional runtime license. The runtime license allows the shipping of the components with your own software as well as the operation of an unlimited number of production systems. There are no other costs.

So, it does not matter if you purchase a single, 5 user or site license you only need one additional runtime license.

Why is the runtime license not included in the developer license?
We decide to offer a seperate runtime license, because we want to offer additional developer licenses for a lower price.

If license is per developer, can I transfer it from a developer who has left the company to another developer?
If the license belongs to the company and not the developer personally, an license may be transferred to another developer after a developer has left the company.

Can I use a license on different computers too?
If you are the only developer who uses those computers then yes. Common Controls is licensed per developer and if a developer has more than one computer, Common Controls may be used on each so as that individual developer will be the only one who uses it.

What is a Site License?
A site license allows to use the software simultaneously on any required number of computers at a location specified in the contract.
If development is splitt over several locations please ask for conditions.

What support do i get?
A unique username and password is issued to each registered user which allows them to gain access to our update area from which updates can be downloaded. This username is linked to an expiration date and access is only permitted during the term of the contract. We offer free updates for our products from one year of purchase.
If a site license is purchased only single contact persons are registered.

If support is needed you can use our form or send your request by mail.

How much does it cost to renew a license?
The price to renew a license will be 50% of the list price.

License files

Single Binary License

5User Binary License

Biunary Site License

Runtime License

Single Source Code License

5User Source Code License

Source Code Site License

If you have questions about licensing, please contact our
sales team.