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» TabControl - Object

This exercise demonstrates the use of the TabSetControl. In the course of this exercise, a TabSet will be generated, that includes several JSP pages for depicting the tab(Rider). The TabSetControl can work through round-trips with or without the server. In addition, the number of visible taps is restricted. Is there are more taps present, the corresponding navigation elements are hidden. The scrolling through the tabs is also possible without server roudtrips.

Example depiction TabSetControl

In the exercise, we would like to generate the following TabSet:

The following steps are required for using the TabSetControls:
  1. Selection of the design for the user interface.
  2. Generation of an action class for calling the JSP page.
  3. Provision of display data per tab
  4. Configuration of the Tabset within the JSP page.

to step 1

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