Interface Summary
ActionPainter The ActionPainter Class is responsible to generate a HTML-Element to initiate an Action
ColorPalette ColorPalette
CompositeElement Interface for composite elements.
Frame A Frame is a complex HTML element with the following properties: A Frame consists of multiple sections A Frame has at least one section A Section can have its own title Every Section of a frame has its own body
FramePainter A FramePainter is responsible for painting the Frame of a Control element
PainterContext This class encapsulates all the necessary objects for painting the control.
PainterContextAtributes PainterContext attribute names
ResourceMap Painter Resource Map
Resources Global Resource Identifiers

Class Summary
ControlPainter This Class is responsible for the HTML-generation (rendering) of a Control
ControlPortionPainter This is the abstract Base Class for all Portion Painter.
PainterFactory A painter factory is responsible for the rendering of HTML control elements like lists, trees or tabsets.
PainterFactoryIterator Iterator for registered painter factories
PainterHelp Utility class for painters
ResourceMapImp ResourceMap

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