Interface RecurrencePatternDesignModel

All Superinterfaces:
AccessControlled, ActionBehavior, AjaxSupport, ClientHandler, ControlDesignModel, DesignModel
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public interface RecurrencePatternDesignModel
extends ControlDesignModel

Designmodel for the recurrencepattern control.

$Revision: 1.3 $
Harald Schulz

Method Summary
 boolean filter()
          Returns if the filter is activated (default=true).
 java.lang.String getTooltip()
          Retrieves the optional tooltip text
 void setFilter(boolean filter)
          Activates the HTML encoding (filter).
 void setTooltip(java.lang.String tooltip)
          Sets the optional tooltip text
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Method Detail


public void setTooltip(java.lang.String tooltip)
Sets the optional tooltip text

Specified by:
setTooltip in interface ControlDesignModel
tooltip - Tooltip


public java.lang.String getTooltip()
Retrieves the optional tooltip text

Specified by:
getTooltip in interface ControlDesignModel
tooltip text or null


public boolean filter()
Returns if the filter is activated (default=true). This means that all Strings which should be displayed in the HTML page are HTML encoded

true if string will be HTML encoded; false otherwise


public void setFilter(boolean filter)
Activates the HTML encoding (filter). Default is true. This means that all Strings which should be displayed in the HTML page will be HTML encoded.

filter - true if strings should be HTML encoded; false otherwise

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