Interface Summary
Algorithm Interface for an algorithm which should be processed for all elements in a collection.
AlgorithmFilter Filter for Iterations
DirtyMarker Interface for objects to manage a dirty state
DisplayObject A simple interface to identify display objects.
Factory A simple tag interface to identify factory classes
SimpleEnumType An interface to identify enumeration types.
SimpleEnumType2 An interface for enumerations.
Singleton This interface is used to identify a singleton class.

Class Summary
ButtonMode Defines button states used by the common controls framework
ButtonState The different states a button can have
CheckState Defines check states used by the common controls framework
DirtyMarkerImp Simple Implementation of the DirtyMarker interface
Semaphore Semaphore object by Dijkstra.
Severity Defines severity types used by the common controls framework
Severity classes: Information Warning Error Fatal Error
SortOrder Defines sort order types used by the common controls framework
Stopwatch StopWatch for time measurement
Tuple Defines a tuple with two Objects (A, B)
TupleArray Array for managing tuples

Exception Summary
FrameworkException Base exception class for all exceptions of the common controls framework.
InvalidEnumType This exception is thrown by enumeration classes which try to parse and convert arguments to there internal type
NotInEditModeException This exception is thrown by business objects if the object is not in edit mode but someone wants to change the internal state.

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