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Products and Pricing
EURO. All sales are priced in Euros and includes the legally applicable VAT.

How much is a Euro?
The Euro varies day by day against other currencies. To find the current market rate please check Commerzbank.

If you are paying by credit card your credit card company provide the conversion rate from Euros to your local currency. The billing of your credit card takes a few days, and large currency movements between the USD and the Euro are not common in short time frames.

Can i also pay in USD?
Yes we will give you an option to order in USD based on the Euro price. However to minimize their risk against currency changes during the billing cycle, we calculate a buffer percentage into the rate. This buffer is only to minimize their risk against currency changes and is not a surcharge to extract more money from you.

If you want to order in USD please get in contact with our sales team.

Prices are in Euros including VAT. Must i pay VAT?
Sales within Europe inludes the legally applicable VAT (19%) if no valid valid VAT registration number is provided. If you provided us a valid VAT registration number, we did not add VAT to your costs and you can self-assess your VAT charges at your EU member country rate.
For sales outside Europe we did not add VAT to your costs if the billing address belongs to a company. In this case get in contact with our sales team and send us your order by mail.

Must i pay by credit card or can i pay by invoice?
If you want to pay in Euros you can pay by credit card or invoice. In both cases an invoice is generated at the end of the order cycle and send to you by mail. The invoice includes all information for wire transfere. However there can be high additional costs for wire transfere. So please contact your bank.

How is the product shipped?
The software is offered for downloading on the Internet on our website. So you will not receive any physical media. If you wish to have the software shipped on CD, there will be additional costs. If you need a CD please get in contact with our sales team.

When did i get my download link?
Prepayment is required. If you pay by credit card you can download the purchased products at the end of the order cycle. If you pay by invoice, you will get a link to our update area, if we received the money. So this can take up to a week.

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