The Common-Controls Tag Library


With the help of the <jsp>-tag, the directives necessary for the framework can be installed on a JSP-Page.

Tag class: JspTag

[ Syntax ]

Standard Syntax
directive = "{includes | endofpage}"

[ Attributes ]

directiveString Specifies which directives should be inserted on the JSP-page.
  • includes = The tag inserts all the necessary HTML-include directives for the presentation framework.
  • endofpage = The necessary tidying-up work is carried out at the end of the JSP-page. This includes, e.g., the emptying of the error collection.

[ Example ]

Shows the use of the <util:jsp>-tag.

<%@ taglib uri=""   prefix="util" %>

    <%--  Framework includes  --%>
    <util:jsp  directive="includes"/>
<body onload="init()">

// Inhalt ...


<%--  Framework cleanup processing  --%>
<util:jsp  directive="endofpage"/>