The Common-Controls Tag Library


Is used for the declaration of an Imagemap within a JSP-page. Using an Imagemap, individual images can be selected with the help of regular expressions. The Imagemap is saved in the HTTP-request under the specified name.

Caution: The search for the suitable mapping takes place in the order or declaration - i.e. from top to bottom!

Many display classes of the framework work with Imagemaps.

Body content: JSP
Tag class: ImageMapTag

[ Syntax ]

Standard Syntax
name = "String"
[ base = "Directory or Resource key" ]
[ runat = "{server | client | auto}" ]
...Body Content...


[ Attributes ]

baseDirectory or Resource key Sets the base directory for a resource. The resource name will be prefixed with the name of the base directory. With localization enabled the value of the base attribute will be translated with the value stored in the file.  
nameString Defines the name under which the Imagmap is saved in the HTTP-request.
runatRunAt This attribute specifies whether, for the control element, Clientside JavaScript should be used, or whether the control element should work purely with Server Roundtrips.
  • server = All control element actions result in a Server Roundtrip and are processed on the server.
  • client = control element actions are carried out directly in the browser of the user. It depends on the Painter Factory used and the specific control element, how far the support for Clientside Scripting goes!
  • auto = The framework selects based on the users browser settings "client" when JavaScript is enabled and "server" when JavaScript is disabled.

[ Example ]

Generates an Imagemap with 4 image-assignments and saves these under the name im_product in the HTTP-request.

<%@ taglib uri=""   prefix="util" %>

<util:imagemap  name="im_product">
    <util:imagemapping  rule=""    src="images/imgBoxOpen.gif"    width="16"  height="16"/>
    <util:imagemapping  rule="group.closed"  src="images/imgBoxClosed.gif"  width="16"  height="16"/>
    <util:imagemapping  rule="product"       src="images/imgItem.gif"       width="16"  height="16"/>
    <util:imagemapping  rule="variant"       src="images/imgItems.gif"      width="16"  height="16"/>