The Common-Controls Tag Library


The tag generates an information field The actual information text is specified in the tag-body or as a pointer to other HTTP-resources.

Body content: JSP
Tag class: InfoTag

[ Syntax ]

Standard Syntax
[ base = "Directory or Resource key" ]
[ height = "String" ]
[ locale = "String" ]
[ noframe = "Boolean" ]
[ permission = "ACL" ]
[ resource = "String" ]
[ summary = "String" ]
[ width = "String" ]
...Body Content...


[ Attributes ]

baseDirectory or Resource key Sets the base directory for a resource. The resource name will be prefixed with the name of the base directory. With localization enabled the value of the base attribute will be translated with the value stored in the file.  
heightString Sets the height of the control element. The height may be specified in absolute or percent terms.

See the HTML documentation

localeString enables localization for the control element. String literals will be interpreted as keys in the file.

Annotation: boolean value true oder false oder the name of a locale.

noframeBoolean Can be used to hide the border for the control. The buttons will still be displayed above the control (depends on the registered PainterFactory.  
permissionACL With this attribute, access to the element can be restricted.

Authorizations are checked using the object in the user session. The principal object is registered in the session with the method, Principal). It is made available by the application developer by implementing the principal interface. In this manner, any authorization system can be very easily connected within the framework.

Authorizations are always specified in the form of an Access Control List (ACL). What is involved here is a semicolon-delimited list with individual authorizations. The framweork supports the following authorization types, which, however, can be expanded at will by the application developer:

true|false ->
#rolename ->
$functionname ->

resourceString Pointer to a resource which specifies the contents of the information field.  
summaryString This property can be used for rendering to non-visual media such as speech or Braille.  
widthString Sets the width of the control element. The height may be specified in absolute or percent terms.

See the HTML documentation


[ Example ]

Simple information field with "Hello World" contents.

<%@ taglib uri=""   prefix="forms" %>

<forms:info width="350">
   <i>Hello World</i>

<forms:info  resource="jsp/MyInfo.jsp"  width="350"/>