The Common-Controls Tag Library


The tag can be used to set the visual attributes for a group of columns within a form. Within the tag body the <forms:col> tags can be used to to set the visual attributes for a special column.
The tag may only be used within a Examples of this are <forms:form> and <forms:section>

Body content: JSP
Tag class: FormColumnGroupTag

[ Syntax ]

Standard Syntax
[ id = "String" ]
...Body Content...


[ Attributes ]

idString Assigns the control element a unique identifier. Using the given Id, the Java variable can be accessed in the tag Body. The id must be a string literal because the JSP compiler generates a variable with this name at compile time

Annotation: A valid Java identifier must be given.


[ Example ]

Definition for a form with 2 columns

<%@ taglib uri=""             prefix="html" %>
<%@ taglib uri=""   prefix="forms" %>

<html:form action="/demo">

    <forms:form type="edit" caption="headline" formid="frmEdit" width="550">
         <forms:col labelWidth="90" cellWidth="200"/>
         <forms:col labelWidth="70" cellWidth="50"/>

      <!--  ...  -->