The Common-Controls Tag Library


With this tag, a group is introduced in a panel. The group can have a title and an image.
The <panelcontent>-tag must always be enclosed within a <panel>-tag.

Body content: JSP
Tag class: PanelContentTag
Tei class: PanelContentTei

[ Syntax ]

Standard Syntax
title = "String"
[ action = "String" ]
[ filter = "boolean" ]
[ locale = "String" ]
[ more = "boolean" ]
[ permission = "ACL" ]
[ tooltip = "String" ]
...Body Content...


[ Attributes ]

actionString Specifies the Struts Action that is to be called in case of control element events.

This attribute need not be specified if the tag is included within a Struts <html:form> tag. In that case, the name of the action is determined using the Struts Form Bean.

Annotation: The action must be declared in one of the struts-config.xml files.

filterboolean This flag specifies whether an HTML-conversion of the title and tooltip parameters should be carried out.  
localeString enables localization for the control element. String literals will be interpreted as keys in the file.

Annotation: boolean value true oder false oder the name of a locale.

moreboolean This attribute guides the Painter to a more... to draw an entry at the end of the group. The user's attention should thus be drawn to additional entries.  
permissionACL With this attribute, access to the element can be restricted.

Authorizations are checked using the object in the user session. The principal object is registered in the session with the method, Principal). It is made available by the application developer by implementing the principal interface. In this manner, any authorization system can be very easily connected within the framework.

Authorizations are always specified in the form of an Access Control List (ACL). What is involved here is a semicolon-delimited list with individual authorizations. The framweork supports the following authorization types, which, however, can be expanded at will by the application developer:

true|false ->
#rolename ->
$functionname ->

titleString The group title.

The character string is HTML-encoded before outputting.

tooltipString Tooltip Text that is displayed in a Popup window when the user moves the mouse over the title.

The character string is HTML-coded before outputting.


[ Example ]

Generates a panel with a miscellaneous group.

<%@ taglib uri=""    prefix="ctrl" %>

<ctrl:panel id="myPanel" width="170">
    <ctrl:panelcontent title="Miscellaneous">
        <ctrl:panelitem  action="/userprofile"  title="User Profile"     detail="Edit your User Profile"/>
        <ctrl:panelitem  action="/changepwd"    title="Change Password"  detail="Change your password"/>