The Common-Controls Tag Library


Register a named Converter instance on the UIComponent associated with the closest parent UIComponent custom action.
must be nested within a ConversionSupportTag

Tag class: ConverterTag
Tei class: ConverterTei

[ Syntax ]

Standard Syntax
converterId = "String"

[ Attributes ]

converterIdString Converter identifier of the Converter instance to be created and registered.

[ Example ]

Usage of a named (javax.faces.ByteSize) converter

<%@ taglib uri=""               prefix="html" %>
<%@ taglib uri=""      prefix="forms" %>
<%@ taglib uri=""   prefix="convert" %>

<html:form action="/sample809/converterdemo">



         <convert:converter converterId="javax.faces.ByteSize"/>

      <forms:buttonsection default="btnSave">
         <forms:button  name="btnSave"    text=""    title=""/>